Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spanish Foot

This week the Spanish foot. One of my favourite units are the swordsmen. In WAB you can upgrade them to heavy armour with bucklers, along with their 'swordsman' ability of a +1 save against infantry that gives them a 3up save and a movement of 5", light infantry counting 2 ranks with a full command - what's not to like?
These are Assault Group (TAG) figures, not the cheapest but very nice.


This is the same unit but made with Foundry figures, I've added a priest in there as the Spanish in this period were a bit keen on religion, to say the least!

The pike blocks are both TAG, along with a couple of Foundry figures for variation, and a monk. I like adding halberdiers and swordsmen to the front ranks, mainly so when two pike blocks engage the forward facing pikes don't knock lumps off the figures.

These are handy troops to have around, especially if you have the option to make them Stubborn. Halberdiers with heavy armour. Mainly TAG again with a Gamezone leader holding the two handed sword.

The first unit of arquebusiers are again by TAG- I like TAG!

Second unit by Foundry, along with another priest- I like priests!

This is a shot of all my Spanish foot. I do have some Spanish cavalry but not many, only the Genitors, I'll see if I can get some decent pics for next week.

All my figures are based on Warbases single and multiple bases, I like putting light infantry on 20mmx 25mm bases opposed to the heavies on 20mm x 20mm or multiples thereof. The movement trays are again from Warbases. The flags are all printed on cloth from Pete's Flags. They are attached to brass rod so I can swop them about as dictated by swinging alliances characteristic of this period.
Pete's flags, top bloke, top flags-      Pete's Flags
Bases, movement trays and much more, recommended-       Warbases

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