Sunday, 15 June 2014

Polish Winged Lancers

I've been waiting to photograph these polish winged lancers for a while but as I don't have proper lighting facilities I've been waiting for a sunny day, with it being Britain I've been waiting a while!! Today was somewhere near so I took these, not brilliant quality pictures, hope you like them.
I Got these at Warlord miniatures at Salute, first impression was they would be a pain to fit together and would fall apart at the first knock. As it happens I rather enjoyed building them and, as yet nothing has fallen off. Despite Windys' best attentions.
The flag is the paper one from the box, the pennons are from Curteys, miniatures.

 The usual view of your own troops- from behind as they charge forward.

Close up of the unit commander, resplendent with flowing white beard.
They look impressive on the table, better than in the photos, so I might get some more. Both Foundry and TAG do decent figures so I might find myself with three units.


 I've had these in the lead pile for a while, bought in a job lot from ebay. I'll need more troops than Winged lancers so I'll use these Old Glory figures as Wallachian allies, either skirmishing or as a formed unit. Armed with light lance and bows they should be quite useful.

I received my Pancerni from Redoubt miniatures this week, they looked great at Salute but on opening the package I was disappointed. Too many mould lines, misaligned mouldings and broken bits on 8 out of 12 figures. I've built three but can't get any enthusiasm up to paint them so I think they'll go to the back of the painting queue and I'll do something else. As we've started playing Muskets and Tomahawks it may be a British force- watch this space.

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  1. Great work Jim. They are some good looking figures and you did a cracking job with the paint-brushes.