Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Heavy Cavalry and Commanders

As promised some pictures of existing units. This was the first heavy cavalry unit I did, they portray a Milanese mercenary unit fully kitted out with plate armour, plate bards, lances, warhorses, full command and kitchen sink! Front Rank figures from their Wars of the Roses range. I got these from Front Rank two years ago at Salute, in the past 24 months they've seen a lot of action and their 'First Charge' has seen them break the enemy line many times.

This guy is a Locotennat, a mercenary commander of small number of units.
He's an old Hinchliffe figure with his right arm replaced with a Perry plastic replacement.

This guy is a bit higher up in the command chain, indicated by the additional foot figures on the base.
These are Ral Partha figures, a bit on the small size but, and this is my own opinion, if a figure looks good on the table I'll use it.

I use this feller as Cesare Borgia, he's a Bear's Den commander accompanied by Gamezone bodyguards.

With the Renaissance period having so much variety I'm keen to mix and match as many manufacturers miniatures as I can. I've never been one to stick to one range or manufacturer, my motto is - 'share the wealth' (and my kids take that literally).
This is me in Rhodes doing what I love- looking at old cannons!
Can you spot the cannon ball under my shirt?
I watched Game of  Thrones last night and I'm now looking for a figure to represent 'The Hound', any suggestions for a large, mean, ugly killing machine?? 


  1. Lovely brushwork Jim. What's your plate mail recipe ? Cheers Wayne.

  2. Hi Wayne, glad you like em mate, for all my knights, helmets etc, I use Vallejo Gunmetal for a dark shade and if I want a brighter look I highlight with Vallejo Bright Steel, I only use minimal highlights cos I like a darker look to metal.
    Cheers mate, Jim.