Monday, 28 July 2014

Papal Guard

This post is long overdue, when I started this blog my intention was to post about once a week or so, but this weather we're having in the UK is brilliant- we've actually got a summer!! We can sit out at night on the patio chatting with a beer until late (drinking the beer not talking to it, chatting to the missus) and weekends are spent out and about while the weather lasts. We also had the Tour de France pass by the end of our road which we had to see.
Every Pope needs a guard, the Borgias probably more than all of the rest put together, I don't think they were very popular, apart from re runs on Sky!
I had a few character models left over from various packs so I put them all in this unit, the rank and file are TAG and Foundry figures.
I picked yellow and black as a base colour and added red the contrast, I think they turned out ok. I also put in three flags, for such a small unit it's a bit overkill but makes it stand out on the tabletop, just what you want your elites to do- present themselves to the enemy cannon!
When the Papal guard was founded it didn't have a uniform, just basis Swiss infantry, but as they're a very expensive unit I thought I'd make them look a bit special.

The Papal envoy is there just to keep an eye on boys.

I like this mounted general, from Perrys', but had nowhere to put him and as I have a bag load of command stands I thought I'd put him with the guard.


The last picture is a couple of mounted clergy, one on a donkey- pure class from Perry Miniatures.

 We've been looking at the American War of Independence lately, which inevitably meant buying and painting a unit- or two. The next post will show my efforts in a new period- watch this space.