Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Landsknechte pikemen

Every now and again, just like most gamers, I hit the proverbial 'painting wall' where I can't get going and spend more and more time away from the painting table. I used these little fellers as a way to overcome this and get my enthusiasm running again. I loved painting these and at some time in the not too distant future I can see me painting another block, or two.
 I've two pike blocks of 40 men each, based so I can split them down to 20's,  24's or 36's as the game dictates. Within the two blocks there's a mixture of manufacturers but mainly I have one block of Wargames Foundry figures and the other of Pro Gloria figures with a smattering of Peter Gilder figures. On the matter of mixing manufacturers figures I've always done this, an extra mm here and there adds variation.

A good friend of mine, John Reidy of the Independent Wargames Group  ( Robbies' Blog link- http://independentwargamesgroup.blogspot.co.uk/  ) always put a mounted commander in his pike blocks and I really liked the effect so, as any self respecting wargamer would do - I pinched the idea, hence the Gendarme with the standard in the front rank.
All the standards are printed on cloth from Petes' flags, link-   http://thegreatitalianwars.blogspot.com/

When I game with these I like to advance in echelon covered by a cloud of skirmishers, they don't manoeuvre very well so I use a straightforward 'advance to contact' policy. Sometimes they steamroller the opposition, other times they get caught in the flanks and bog off back home pretty sharpish but I love 'em an will keep employing 'em.
The Pro Gloria lads.
The Foundry boys.

Close up of the Gendarme standard bearer.

I hope you like the Landsknechtes, I don't as yet have any Swiss, no doubt this will change when I expand my French army- so much to do and enjoy!


  1. Great work as usual you painting machine!

  2. Beautiful and most impressive work!