Friday, 6 June 2014

Partzan in the Park

Sunday came around and Windy, Fingers and me set off for our usual jaunt to Partizan, this year dubbed Partizan in the Park as the venue had been double booked and the show was to be held in a tent! I've never been a fan of tents so today would be interesting.
As usual the Newark Irregulars were highly organised and the lads were out directing traffic to park on the grass, fortunately it hadn't been raining and the grass was pretty solid. The tents were up and entry was pretty smooth, a smaller queue than previous years - were the punters staying away?

Small queue - that's a bonus.
Overview of the first tent.

First thing I saw as entered was the ever smiling face of Steve Jones, now I've known Steve for years and been a fan of his games for even longer. I've been following his blog- and was keen to see his latest American War of Independence display game- Weitzells' Mill, as ever it was top notch, figures and terrain of the highest order, so much so that we've collectively decided to build some armies ourselves, Fingers went straight to the Foundry stand and came back with a slack handfull of British Grenadiers.

Next to Steve's game was James Morris' and Scrivs with their Battle of Keren game, the terrain has got to be seen to be believed. The game was on display at Salute earlier in the year but was no less inspiring by seeing it twice. James had explained the concept behind the game and terrain to me last year and I had doubted he could pull it off but the pictures speak for themselves- well done Mr Morris sir, well done!! Scrivs, as well as sporting natty facial hair also had a Bren Gun on display- nice.

Wandering further into the tents we were all impressed by the variety and quality of the games on show. Partizan has always been noted for the quality of games but this year seemed exceptional and nearly all the games had sculpted terrain and display quality figures. Personally when I go to a show I want to be inspired to buy something new or at least go home and get the paint brush out, today I was and, as I write this, I've got three new units on the painting table.
Following pictures are games that stood out, sorry I didn't catch all of their names-
League of Augsberg

 Simon Millers Romans


A good day out and although I wasn't keen on the tents I wasn't as anti canvas as I thought I would be, speaking to some of the traders, gamers and organisers they seemed to prefer the tent to the hall, easy access and more light seemed to be the order of the day. One thing that was noticeable was as the day warmed up there's still some people around that haven't got to grips with personal hygiene, come on people you know who you are, do us all a favour and get a bath!!!
Partizan two is on later in the year and I'll be back, the four quid entrance fee is well worth it.
New stuff purchased- plastic tokens from warbases, steel paper from Coritani, 12 Pancerni from Redoubt Enterprises and some more hedges from The Last Valley- top terrain.
I've finished the polish winged lancers I got from Warlord games at Salute, I'll get some photo's up soon.

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