Thursday, 29 May 2014

Milanese V Borgia Papal battle report

Well another Bank Holiday and as usual our lass is working, so another big game is on the cards, a rematch against Tom, Milanese V Borgia Papal at 6000pts a side- what's not to like!
So here we go again, something a bit different this time tho, I drew a map of my troops positions on a map beforehand and Tom set his army out without knowing where the enemy was, trying to second guess where your opponent will set up is fun and makes for a different type of game.
Tom set up a reinforced left flank with most of his cavalry looking to roll up my line from the end!
 this was my right flank, not a lot to stop the might of the Milanese nobility, some timid skirmishers and a couple of mercenary crossbow bands.

Detail of Toms' left flank, masses of heavy cavalry covered by light horse and backed up by mercenary pike block- talk about overkill!!
Toms' centre, mercenary pike supported by militia pike and heavy cavalry.

Toms' right flank, militia handguns behind earthworks. This will cause problems if I charge with knights- no bonuses for chargers, trust Tom to come up with a sneaky tactic- good on 'im.

Papal centre, Landsknechte pike blocks and Spanish foot troops,

Papal left, just the same as Tom, massed cavalry covered by light horse. Pity they weren't on the other flank.

Turn 1 and the Milanese flank attack begins-

On the opposite flank the Spanish rush forward to engage the skirmishers in the wood, taking casualties all the way.

The Milanese heavies plough into the crossbows- only one result here!


The centre comes to grips,  
Papal right flank and the breakthrough happens, militia handgunners are no match for seasoned Spanish pikemen, the militia route and cause havoc on their way off the table.

Spanish pikemen decimated by crossbow bolts eventually get to grips with their tormentors, Landsknechte pikemen at 'Push of Pike' behind.

Milanese cavalry reforming after crushing crossbows under hoof! note the lack of Papal troops after seeing the devastation and fleeing rather sharpish.

View from behind the Milanese centre,

Push of Pike

The Milanese centre breaks and Spanish pike hit the heavy cavalry at the halt.

Then they wished they hadn't as they are wiped out, the Milanese heavy cavalry pushing forward to threaten the Papal Knights. Milanese mercenary pike defeat, route, persue and wipeout one Landsknechte pike block.

Milanese heavy cavalry come under arquebus shot, six saves required on a 4 up- four threes and two twos- Tom shakes his head in disbelief and swears profusely at the dice, Windy would be proud of that roll.

The Milanese left hook in full swing, I've opened the door trying to tempt them off the table!

The left hook is too late, the Milanese centre is all but destroyed, three more bad leadership rolls and it's all over, the Duke of Milan throws in the towel and the dice out the window!

The final charge of Papal knights against a valiant but decimated mercenary pikeblock.

Spanish swordsmen hold the village.

Another great game over with tales of heroism and cowardice to tell on both sides.
It's Partizan next week at Newark, I hope I remember my camera as there's always a bunch of decent games on show.


  1. Lovely stuff.
    See you at the weekend.

  2. Really great stuff, this period and a papal army is currently bubbling under as my next big project so inspiring, cheers.
    Yarkshire Gamer