Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spanish Genitors

These are my Spanish genitors, widely regarded as some of the best light cavalry that fought in the Italian wars. In game terms they wear light armour and shield giving them a 4+ save, have throwing spears and javelins and can be armed with a light crossbow. For abilities they have Feigned Flight and Parthian Shot as standard and can be upgraded to veteran. Taking all this into account they are a very useful tool to have in the box.

I've based some of these in two's, as they get used in every game they get a lot of handling and a larger base gives them a bit of stability. (as long as Windy doesn't fumble them!!!)
They are a mix of TAG and Foundry figures, some of which are based on Old Glory horses. Again carrying cloth standards from Pete's Flags. All bases and movement trays are from warbases.

I've painted the shields different to one another and replaced some with oddments from elsewhere, I like the irregular feel this gives them.

The house in the background is made from modular block sections from Warbases, the walls are bits of wood from B&Q all covered with textured paint and ink washed. The roofs are Wills pantiles. it took a while to put together but I like the battered look of it and it's a decent size on the table. another one is being assembled at the moment.

Well that's all my Spanish troops really, apart from a couple of light multi barrelled guns that I don't use much. next I think I'll put up my Landsknechtes, a couple of decent sized pike blocks and a couple of skirmishing arquebus units.
As for the gaming front we had a few games of Saga last night. It's been a while since we last played and we seem to have forgotten most of the rules. Blitz came over with his Jomsvikings and showed just how powerful these little chaps are! Blitz has his own blog showcasing some of the best painting you will find on the net, and he's a decent bloke, have a look here-


  1. Nice work on those. I'm turning into a bit of a Spanish property magnate at the moment too :)

  2. Cheers Paul, I've been admiring your SCW buildings but I can't knock out stuff at the rate you do mate, keep it up!