Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Looking forward to Salute

It seems I've managed to upload a page- who says us oldies can't use modern technology :)

This week it's Salute and we'll be attending for the third year. By 'we' I mean me and my fellow gamers who shall be know by the following aliases- 'Windy Pete' the same Pete with the catch phrase "That's nice is it new- oops!!!", 'Fingers'- a top class painter even after his accident with a circular saw, hence the nick-name and Tom! Tom's our rules lawyer, he tends to grasp the principles of a rule set after just one read through, something that takes the rest of us weeks to get to grips with. It'll be an early start, 6:30am with just over a three hour trip, but if the show's anything like the last two it'll be well worth it.

Things on the 'to buy' list-
Gripping Beast, more Pagan Rus for my Saga warband.
The Crusades supplement for Saga, and hopefully a play test if we can get through the crowds!
Medieval Warfare magazine subscription from WSS, if you don't get this and you're interested in anything vaguely Medieval then you're missing a treat.
Warbases- modular buildings and plastic markers for WAB- these are things like Shieldwall, Veteran, Stubborn etc, ideal when the old memories going!!

Anything on Russian/Polish/Ottoman Turk warfare in the late sixteenth, early seventeenth century. After seeing the TAG Renaissance ranges for these I'm just about ready to pitch in and spend the next couple of years 'doing' this period. I just need a bit of reading matter, (Dave Lanchester books here I come) and to convince my gaming buddies to opt in and away we go. Got a bit side tracked there, something I tend to do on a regular basis.

No doubt there'll be loads to see and tempt the credit card but as it's the premier European wargames show I don't mind pushing the boat out a bit and loading up on goodies to keep the itch scratched for a while, well until Partizan.

I'll post my thoughts on the show and some pics, that's if I remember to take my camera, something I didn't do last year.

As I haven't got anything new done this week this a down table shot of a Pike and Shotte game we had with Robbie and John from Durham. Robbie's got a brilliant blog, go here-
for a brilliant read.
More on Salute at the weekend.


  1. See you there Jim, we are on table GB05 I think you will find it hard to miss us :)

  2. Nice one Scrivs, I'll look forward to it mate.