Sunday, 13 April 2014

Salute - what a day!

Well it's Saturday night and we're back from Salute, six hours after leaving the show and I'm still buzzing. Everything you could ever want from the wargaming world under one roof, mind you it's a massive roof!! The thing that sticks with me every year is the sheer size of the thing. This year the queue was in the hall next to the show hall- Excel is like a tardis- there must have been 2,000 people in front of us in the pre-paid line and we feared a long wait to get in but at ten o'clock the doors opened and we started moving forward, the line entered the hall at walking pace and were in in less than ten minutes, well done London Warlords/ Excel staff for excellent crowd control.

I was set to write a blow by blow account of our day but, to be honest the whole experience is just a blur. There's just too much to take in, games, displays, traders, painting completion. Below are some of the games I stopped to look at, only a few of the many that stood out, apologies to the organisers who put these on but I didn't get all the individual or groups names-

                                                                 D Day landing-
Fantasy skirmish game, beautiful set up-

Newark Irregulars, fighting up a hill, and what a hill!!!

Wargames Illustrated game run by Duncan MacFarlane-

Romans vs Celts-

Sci-Fi with flying boats, excellent display game-
Rob Brooms War and Conquest game-
There were also some companies with static displays showing off their wares-
These Dark Age buildings stood out a mile.
Apologies for the crappy pictures, I've a new camera and haven't a clue how to use it. What was I saying about oldies and technology??!!
Purchases- I got the new Rus I wanted from Gripping Beast although the Crescent and Cross book wasn't available due to printing problems however the figures were there in abundance and very nice they are too. I decided to wait to buy a full set rather than get it piecemeal.
A pack of Gendarmes for my Italian wars and a pack of drinking Landsknechtes for a bit of variety from Foundry.
I saw the metal set of Polish winged hussars from Warlord and couldn't resist, after closer inspection of the figures I'm glad I didn't, they're full of charisma and movement, I can't wait to get these on the painting table.

Things to look out for in the near future- new plastic Agincourt to Orleans 15th century figures from Perrys and the early Saxons from Curteys.

Rob Broom author of War and Conquest and Scarab miniatures supremo hinted he may put on a games day in the North, good news for us from Yorkshire and we'll all support it.

One thing that did stand out was the abundance of science fiction games and figures, there's some very talented sculptors around which can only be a good thing. After a series of discussions in the car on the way home we've reached the decision that games Workshop has priced 40k out of the market what with extortionate prices for figures and re hashing rulebooks and codex's much too often (personal opinions - no offence meant). The void left is being filled with smaller more user friendly companies producing a varied array of top notch games. Science fiction is not my bag at all but credit where credits due.

Overall conclusions- the hobby is flourishing!! there was an abundance of youngsters around, many new companies and new lines from existing established companies, all in all the future looks good.

One last thing - Redoubt Enterprises- I forgot how good some of these are, I say 'some' as a few of the earlier sculpts seemed flat and rushed. the new Pancerni displayed on the stand were SUPERB! If you haven't checked these out then I suggest you have a look if you're any interest in the Eastern renaissance.

A good day, well dione to all involved, even the £15.00 parking didn't spoil it.


  1. Good to see you there Jim, glad you liked our little hill :)