Friday, 18 April 2014

Imperialists Vs Venetians battle report

This is my first battle report so any comments you have, good or bad please let me know.
Good Friday and a day off work, with our lass at work what better way to spend the day than pushing a few toys around?
Today would see the Holy Roman Empire (me) face off against the Venetians (Windy Pete). A straight forward pitched battle scenario. 3000points with free general and ASB. We have a house rule that you may take a free General and ASB if they are 'non combatant', ie they don't join a unit and are only used for Leadership and re-roll abilities. If you want a fighty General then you have to pay for him as normal, we also don't target Generals as this is regarded as very unsporting sir!!!
Windy set up with a strong centre comprising of Romagnol pikemen and Swiss mercenaries, covered with skirmishers and flanked by clouds of light cavalry- stradiots and mounted crossbows. Now Windy likes his skirmishing cavalry and my flanks have been turned on more than a few occasions, would today be the same? He kept his heavy cavalry and general in the centre.

Windys initial deployment-
I set up with two units of landsknechtes in the left centre, covered with skirmishers, these were supported on the left flank by allied Spanish in the shape of a pike block, swordsmen and crossbows .On the right flank I put a unit of Genitors- excellent light cavalry- and in the centre, my general and heavy cavalry.
Imperial deployment-
Down the table shot-

Initial moves were as expected, Windys light cavalry tried to envelop on both flanks and the centre surged forward, confident with the Romagnol and Swiss pikes pushing on eager to get to grips with the Landsknechtes.

Windys centre pushes forward, lucky yellow dice at the ready-
The Imperials edged forward covered by shot, knowing the Swiss were more than a match for the pikes, the arquebusiers started peppering the enemy at long range, not many casualties yet, but a start. The skirmishers sport both standards and musicians, these play no roll in the game but I like flags, lots of flags!
On the Imperialist left the Spanish sure forward as they are only faced with skirmishers, light cavalry and some Italian swordsmen. However the pikeblock took a bag load of casualties from said skirmishers! Revenge will be forthcoming sir!!-
As expected the Stradiots got around my flank and charged my crossbowmen, I thought I could shoot enough of them to halt the charge, but no, they saved all but one casualty and charged home. No problem I thought- they're only light cavalry- four casualties later I wasn't so confident, not the usual throwing spears this time but thrusters- sneaky Windy! plus one strength cancelled my light armour save. It was lucky the crossbows were still numerically superior and could fall back in good order otherwise the Stradiots would have had free reign to hit my unprotected rear ooh-err!! 

The Italian swordsmen got a rush of blood to the head and charged the Spanish pikeblock, this turned out to be a bad move and they lost by two, being out of the Generals' command range didn't help and they decided to head for the hills.

Off you go swordsmen- that'll teach you to turn up with unpainted bases!
The swordsmen breaking turned out to be the pivot point of the game, with failed panic tests for the Gendarmes, Swiss, crossbows and light cavalry it looked as though the whole army had decided it was time to be elsewhere! Now Windy likes his yellow dice but on occasion turns the air blue when they don't perform to his liking- this was one of those occasions.
 The Venetians retreat-
However, they all rallied up but the Gendarmes were hit frontally by the Spanish pike- not a good thing. The Genitors had worked their way around the back and were ready to charge the newly rallied Swiss. The Romagnols depleted ranks show just how much punishment they'd endured from the Imperial arquebusiers.

The Gendarmes broke in the melee and Windy threw in the towel, saving the Swiss to fight another day.

Final positions-
Having out shot the Venetian skirmisher screen the Imperials could concentrate all the fire power on one pike block, the Romagnols, with devastating results. With the panic that followed the swordsmen breaking the Venetian attack broke up and a confused centre was surrounded and picked off piece meal. The Stradiots on the left flank were beaten off by the crossbowmen and fled the field.
Result- Imperial victory.
We then went on to put the world to rights, agreed how good Salute had been and arranged to play Saga later this week, all washed down with copious cups of tea and biscuits- an enjoyable way to spend a few hours!

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  1. Excellent battle report and pictures Jim. I particularly like the house rule regarding Generals/ASB and will incorporate it future friendly games. Keep up the good work. Cheers Wayne.