Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End of an era!

Well the back end of 2014 has seen a bit of a shake up for our happy little band, Tom has moved to Durham chasing work and left us 25% down on membership. It's not the other end of the world but too far to travel for weekly games. Tom always got a handle on new rules before the rest of us and was always keen to try something new, we'll miss him. However with Christmas coming round he came down for a big game at the weekend, four players Italian wars at 3000poits per army with free general and ASB each, over 12000 points on the table saw a nice spectacle and plenty of laughs. We rolled for sides and it came up Tom and me versus Craig and Pete.

                             Tom's Milanese line up, pikes covered by clouds of skirmishers.
Down the line with Toms Milanese in the front and my Borgia Papal army at the far end.

 Craigs' Florentine pike blocks backed by two units of heavy cavalry with Petes' Venetians in the back ground, pike blocks, heavy cavalry and clouds of light cavalry.
                         The might of Florence, forcing the obligatory shouts of "Where's Zebedee?"
                              Note the sneaky unit of dismounted knights with the Lion banner!
                                          Pete's DayGlo landsknechtes.

                                                  Borgia Papal pikes and crossbows.
                The battle started with a general advance by the Florentine/Venetian alliance.
 The Milanese/Papal army creep forward, apart from Toms' skirmishers who rush to engage, Tom never holds back with skirmishers, all or nothing!
                                   The Floentines push forward into the Milanese pike blocks.
 Papal knights having charged and wiped out a unit of hangunners end up facing a wood, they were charged in the flank by the swordsmen in the distance, evaded but were caught and wiped out- a big loss of points for Mr Borgia.
                                           Petes' Landsknechtes take the centre of the field.
 Pike on Pike action, epitomises this period and is often the deciding factor for one side or the other.
 The sneaky Florentine knights hit Milanese mercenary landsknechtes in the flank and roll them up-
                 they carry on straight into the next block- not a pretty sight for Toms Milanese.
 The Papal army moves forward to engage Petes Venetian mercenary Landsknechtes in the centre.

 Eventually Toms command was broken and Craigs Venetians came across to help Petes Venetians, however they were just too late as the Landsknechtes had been routed by concentrated attacks back and front by the Papal forces, the Venetians held on for three or four turns burning their Stubborn markers and pulling out a roll of 'snake eyes' to stand despite being 8 down on combat resolution- Petes' blue dice are 'dodgy' to say the least!!

                                                Push of pike up close and personal!
A great game to finish the year off, the result hung in the balance right 'til the end. I still think this is the best period to game in, there's plenty of troop types and colour and the WAB system gives a good game so as the old adage goes, 'If it ain't bust don't fix it!' I think there'll be more Renaissance games in the coming year.
I hope you all have a great New Year.

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